What kind of deals can you expect from Eva Air

Eva air

Thinking of grabbing a flight with Eva Air and wondering how much it will cost and what it will be like? This Asian carrier is gaining in popularity all the time and their network continues to grow too. In this blog, we are going to check out what they can do for you with their flights from Heathrow. So lets check them out!

Eva Air operate from London Heathrow to both Bangkok and Taipei, and you can check out their site for flight information and bookings at http://www.evaair.com. Eva Air is a dedicated Taiwanese airline, flying to over 40 different locations all around the world. They have recently announced an aggressive expansion programme, so you will be hearing a lot more from them in the near future as they will likely be coming to an airport near you.

Eva Air are a fantastic option for any UK holidaymaker looking to travel to Asia, or connect to Australia through Asia right now thanks to some phenomenal offers on their site. Eva Air are currently offering return flights to Bangkok for just £600 right now, and you can view the offer at http://www.evaair.com/html/b2c/english/deals/Europe/ETH447+AND+ETW428+SEP+11+FINAL. This offer is good until 31st of March 2012, so it gives you plenty of time to get involved.

This page also contains their offer to Taipei which comes in at £665 return if you travel on the sime timescale, before March 31st 2012. If you are looking to go to Asia, then they are your cheapest option.

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