Eurotunnel is a breeze with a Caravan

Are you planning a trip to France and want to take your caravan with you? Why not try out the Eurotunnel and see if it simplifies your trip. The Channel Tunnel between Britain and France runs 50.5km in length and offers Eurotunnel Shuttle services for road vehicles. It is a hassle free, fast and rather expensive way to make your way over in order to be able to remain with your vehicle at the same time.

    Ministère des Affaires Étrangères Français - Wikimedia

First, a few things you should know before booking. Cars towing caravans can be accommodated on the single deck carriages on Eurotunnel. You can have tanks up to 47kg in size with you, but they need to be less than 80% full. It is not possible to transport gas containers that are used to power domestic services for your caravan. All of this will be checked before boarding so make sure you have everything in order.

In regards to pricing, there are different types of tickets such as the day and overnight trip, which costs £23+ per car each way or the £55 for 5 days or less per car each way. If you need more flexibility then various Flexiplus passes that allow you more leeway on when you travel are available as well. Flexiplus passes generally provide you with priority boarding, access to the exclusive lounge and complimentary refreshments too. If you have a Tesco Club Card, you may also collect points and eventually get a free or cheaper trip down the line.

The process is rather straightforward and there are plenty of helpful people along the way if you have any questions. You will go through UK immigration, have your gas tanks checked and then clear French immigration, which allows you to drive off as soon as reach France on the other side. Caravans may sometimes be classified as high vehicles, which you will be asked to follow signs for. You will be allocated a lane number to follow and eventually someone will direct you into the correct lane and platform. From there, simply drive onto the single deck carriage and you will be directed where to park.

It is recommended to arrive an hour or so before your scheduled departure so you have plenty of time to get everything checked and loaded. If you do show up early, officials may put you on an earlier train as well, but there is no guarantee of this of course. Once you arrive in France, follow the exit signs and you will be hitting the motorway before you can blink!

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