The Eurostar to France

Journeys You Can Make

There are several routes on the Eurostar to France.

One of the most common and popular journeys transports passengers from Ashford, Kent, nearby to the city of London to the French capital city Paris.

This journey takes just over an hour and single tickets for an adult travelling costs just £39 (as of 01.09.2011)

Other popular routes on the Eurostar to France run between Ashford and Lille or Calais, with the fare for each starting at £39 (as of 01.09.2011)

Taking Advantage of Cheapest Fares

Eurostar passengers are rewarded for travelling during off-peak periods, such as very early in the morning or late at night.

Furthermore, rail travellers can make significant savings when they book their transport many weeks or even months in advance.

Visit Eurostar's official website at Eurostar.com to find the latest rail fares on the Eurostar to France.

Passengers looking to book advanced fares for their Eurostar trip to France should note that these tickets are available up to 90 days ahead of the intended date of travel.

Travel Agents

Occasionally, passengers can take advantage of significant reduction the cost of Eurostar travel to France.

Visit rail booking travel agents to check their latest offers on Eurostar tickets for travel to France.

Although Eurostar.com is commonly the best and cheapest vendor for Eurostar travel tickets, you can sometimes find a cheaper fare using websites such as Raileurope.co.uk or Statravel.co.uk.

The Eurostar to France is a fast rail service that operates from the edge of London to a handful of French cities. This line links Ashford, Kent to Paris, France, in one hour.

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