European Cruises: Glide Through Europe

If you are planning your European vacation of a lifetime, why not leave the long train rides behind and cruise instead? A cruise ship is a fantastic way to see the world from the lap of luxury, and European cruises riding high on the warm waves of the Mediterranean make for anyone's dream holiday. Before booking a cruise however, it is vital to create an itinerary of your 'must see' places during your holiday.

Once those are decided upon, the next step is to find a cruise that caters accordingly. Whether you prefer the gentle lap of the Mediterranean, the Black, the Adriatic, or the Caspian Seas, or perhaps you'd like to take a dip into a few, make sure the cruise company you pick fits your expectations. Some cruises will offer an experience of all the major cities, including Paris, Barcelona, and Athens, while others are more focused on the Eastern reaches of Europe such as Croatia and Turkey.

It is also important to decide well in advance which type of ship you desire on your European cruise. This is because the largest ships, although boasting cinemas, swimming pools, and gyms, cannot dock in all of the ports that the smaller-sized liners can. On the other hand, the huge mega-cruise ships provide a much smoother ride around Europe than their smaller counterparts.

You also have the option to take part on a themed cruise: Whether your interest is in history, or the wine regions of Europe, these type of cruises can tick all the right boxes for those interested in a specific European topic. Your European cruise doesn't have to be a dream. Picture it: You sitting atop a gleaming white boat with a glass of fine wine in hand, enjoying the deep blue of the European ocean. Paradise.

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