Europe to witness the coldest summer in the last 200 years

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Bad weather: here in the UK we are kind of used to it, that's why we don't complain much anymore, hopping instead on the first available flight to sunnier destinations as soon as we get the chance. Unfortunately, chasing the sun in the next few months will be a little trickier, and judging by the current weather forecasts, it will most likely end up in a long-haul flight.

Weather channel Metèo has just announced that there's a 70% chance of this summer being the coldest since 1816 - which is better known in Spain as 'the year without summer'. The late winter and spring we've witnessed so far have affected the temperature of sea water, with the little solar activity of the past few months possibly translating into a record cold summer.

People planning beach holidays in countries such as Spain, Portugal and France better be ready for temperatures much lower than usual as the old continent will be blasted with storms and extreme downpours up until the end of August. Only in September/October the summer heat will take over, blessing the most notorious holiday destinations with some glorious weather - right when it will be time for people to go back to work and school.

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