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Europe hotels

Booking a hotel for your next trip to Europe? If so then we are about to introduce you to a website that will make booking the top Europe hotels a breeze. With our recommendations you can move swiftly onto planning a fun packed itinerary that will allow you to experience the city you are staying in to the max.

A great place to start is Booking.com. This website was established in 1996 and is a part of the reputable Priceline.com so you can trust the information and booking procedure that they offer. It is the number one worldwide online hotel reservations agency in terms of the number of room nights sold. At the moment Booking.com attracts over 30 million visitors online every month.

They have over 160,000 hotels in 110 countries in their database so you will be able to find and book a room in any European city while still having plenty of choice to make sure you are not paying over the odds.

Some top class examples of Europe hotels from Booking.com include 2 nights in the Napoleon Paris on the world famous Champs Ellysees for £460, 2 nights in the Beldes boutique hotel in the Rome just a 5 minute walk from the Vatican for £400 and 2 nights in the Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul for only £200.

At the other end of the scale some budget examples to be found include 2 nights in the History Hotel just a short walk from Checkpoint Charlie for only £9 and 2 nights in Athens House, situated at the center of Athens historic center, for just Athens House is situated at the center of Athens’ historic center, for just £16.

Start your hotel search now with Booking.com!

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