Magnificent Euro Disney packages from Ireland

Are you looking to bring your kids on a package holiday? If so why not try Euro Disney packages from Ireland. Disneyland Paris is the ideal destination for a perfect family holiday.With two magical parks containing more than 50 attractions , great shows and parades the kids will never be short of things to do. While at Disney Land the kids will live their dreams.

At the minute you can get a deal where you get 4 nights for the price of 3 and kids under seven 'stay-and-play' for free which is a great deal. You can get a package including return flights from Dublin to Paris, all transfers to Disneyland, 4 night stay in the Santa Fe hotel, 5 days unlimited access to the parks and for good measure a continental breakfast is thrown in each morning as well.

Wait for it all this for an oustanding €1780  for two adults and two kids. This deal can be booked by logging on to www.magicvacations.ie where you will also find all the relevant information regarding the available times for your departure and return.

Another few websites that can be of good use to you are www.abbeytravel.iewww.breakaway.ie and www.disneylandparis.ie. These sites have great information so will be sure to find what you are looking for.

So why waste anymore time book your Euro Disney packages from Ireland today and spend your holidays with the kids surrounded by all their favourite Walt Disney characters an experience that will live with you as a family forever.



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