The services offered by Euro Car Rental

Euro car

Thinking of heading abroad and looking for a car rental company that offers a brilliant service, all for an extremely low price? Euro Car Rental are one of the biggest names in the business, and if you are heading abroad, we recommend checking them out. In this blog, we take a look at what Euro Car Rental can do for you.

Euro Car are a brilliant company to use thanks to their convenience and low prices. They have a large presence at every major airport in Europe, meaning you will be able to pick up a car as soon as you step off the plane. To take a gander at what they are offering on their site, check it out at http://www.europcar.co.uk/. Here you can see their full array of cars and vans and even book in advance so it will be a simple case of picking up the keys at the airport.

They offer a huge range of services including free delivery of your rental car to you, portable wi-fi rental, and they even offer a generous 15% discount if you pre-book one of their cars on the continent in advance. They also offer a range of Sat-Navs to hire for just £10 per day, perfect for the motorist who is unsure of the journey ahead, but too proud to ask for directions!

It would be remiss of us not to at least recommend an alternative, and another huge global name that is well worth having a look at is Hertz at http://www.hertz.co.uk/. Hertz offer a full European car rental service too, and they also have locations at every major airport, making them a perfect alternative.

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