Etihad Airways reviews for 2013

If you are planning a holiday, take a look at Etihad Airways reviews for 2013. You might want to see if the airline is good value for your money. Factors such as seats, destinations, customer service, ticket prices and catering all play a role to determine whether an airline is a good choice for your next travel or not.


Etihad is the carrier airlines of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the few air companies in the world which serves 6 continents.

  • Fleet and infrastructure

Etihad Airways has a fleet size of 80 airplanes covering 86 destinations all over the world. Hence, when it comes to flight choices, it is one of the best when destination coverage is concerned.

  • Prices

Return flight tickets are comparable to major airlines and Etihad prices might even come out cheaper than the competition. A Coral Economy flight ticket from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi Airport (UAE) costs £ 260.65 if you are going to book the Economy Saver. You also get good deals in Business class as well as Breaking Deals which are often sold out quickly. Gulf Air offers £399 while Qatar Airways £424 for the same flight. Business Saver seats will cost you £1394. This is for a flight leaving on the 13th of Sept and returning on the 22nd. Hence, if you are quick enough you will get a good deal on Etihad.

  • Customer care service

Etihad received glowing reviews from passengers travelling on business or first class which is understandable. Impeccable service, good food catering, ample in-flight entertainment and attentive cabin crew are comments you would likely read on Etihad Airways reviews for 2013. However, for passengers who are paying less such as those in the economy class, reviews are less glowing and passenger complaints ranged from poor customer service to bad food. Long check in queues and waiting lines are a few of the most common complaints.

  • Food and beverages

Again, first and business class passengers are satisfied with the catering on board. However, for the economy section, the airline runs out of choices and the quality of food served is low. You might still find passengers who are satisfied with the food and drinks served on board, but these are few.

  • Entertainment

For different classes of travel, available entertainment on board is above average with those paying more getting their own choices to keep themselves amused during long haul flights.

Overall value for money

It seems that Etihad Airways reviews for 2013 have something in common: you get what you pay for. Business and first class passengers have fewer complaints while those in the economy section are not so happy with their travel experience. Just like any other thing, there are good and bad sides. It is up to you to decide whether you’re getting a good bargain for your money when you take Eithad Airways.

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