No Etap Hotel in Liverpool? No Worries.

Do not let the fact that there is no Etap hotel in Liverpool get you down if you plan on visiting the city this summer. There are plenty of other budget hotel options in and around the city centre so you will be sure to find something to suit your needs.

If you are looking for cheap hotel rooms in Liverpool - www.laterooms.com is an excellent place to start. A quick search for "Liverpool" brings up rooms starting at around £40 per night. The site is great for comparing different hotels in and around the city but cannot offer you the same exclusive deals that the hotels own sites can.

There are quite a few Premier Inns in Liverpool and their prices vary. A stay in the Premier Inn at Liverpool Airport will set you back a cool £49 whereas a stay at the Inn on Wilson Road will only cost you £29. You can check out all the Premier Inn rates and of course book your stay at www.premierinn.com.

The Dolby Hotel has a clever little offer at the moment. Where you can get a room for £13.50 over night if you share with two others. This would be a fantastic solution if you and some mates are heading to Liverpool for a weekend break or shopping trip. You can check out the offer's details along with contact info and directions to the Hotel at www.dolbyhotels.co.uk.

As you can see staying in Liverpool is very cheap even though there is no Etap hotel there at the moment. Make sure you go and check out the wonderful Merseyside city.

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