Are you looking for an Etap hotel in Edinburgh?

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Are you looking for an Etap hotel in Edinburgh? Here’s everything you need to know!

There is no Etap hotel in Edinburgh. However, it is owned by the Accor hotel group who own many budget hotel groups throughout Europe including Etap, Hotel F1 and Motel 6 . They also own the Ibis brand and there is one of these situated in Edinburgh city centre. Etap and Ibis are both brands which are tailored to the same customer needs – high quality on a budget!

The Edinburgh Ibis has a fantastic location, situated just 1 minute from the world famous Royal Mile on which the Edinburgh Arts Festival is centred. It is also within walking distance of all the main attractions the city has to offer including Edinburgh castle. Prices begin from just €93 per person sharing and each of the 99 rooms boasts a satellite TV and has wireless internet access. You are sure to have an amazing time in this fantastic city.

You can book a room in the Edinburgh Ibis by logging onto ibishotel.com/Edinburgh. This website is also useful if you want to see if this hotel would be suitable for your needs, you are not obliged to book. Alternatively, you may want to check out booking.com too, they often have special offers so you may get a better deal by shopping around. You can also find unbiased reviews about the Edinburgh Ibis and many other Edinburgh hotels on this website.

So there’s everything you need to know about finding an Etap hotel in Edinburgh.

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