Escape the winter blues with a cheap flight abroad!

It’s February – and let’s face it – it’s pretty grim. A constant stream of drizzle, bills, bad news and mild despair. OK, that may be over egging the winter custard, but it’s not much fun plodding about under a grey sky is it?

Must be holiday o clock then. The problem is, most of Europe is only marginally better off in the sunshine stakes than good old Blighty. Italy, Spain – all the usual suspects may be warm – may be dripping with the honey of an early spring – but then again....they may not. It’s risky.

So further afield then? Maybe Marrakech or somewhere along those seductive lines that could still conceivably work for a long weekend. Cheap flights to the Red City have abounded for a fair old while, and it is very possible to get a return fare for a under 200 pounds. At only 3 hours from London – it is certainly a tempting option. Nights are still not quite balmy, but the days are pure sunshine and a refreshing distance from the summer onslaught there.

But if you can spare a touch longer than a long weekend, how about the world of mysticism, enchantment and spiritually discovery that awaits you in Thailand. As well as excellent cheap food, a superbly intuitive sense of friendly service, sun swept beaches, azure swimming pools and nightlife spanning every spectrum from the meditative to the illegal in 107 countries.

Perhaps starting off in that hub of chaos, frantic energy and infamous vice – Bangkok and once you’ve soaked up every bright light big city delight, moving to an island or an archipelago somewhere like Phuket or Koh Samui. Wash away the urban grit and dig a sand pit of freedom and abandon as the rays roll through tropical greens, paradisiacal scenes and wide eyed beams.

It can also be surprisingly inexpensive to get to Thailand. Bargains are popping up all over the place, you can still find cheap flights and sifting the options may find you a very interesting deal. Mai Thai anyone?

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