Enthralled at the Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral in Barri Gòtic, also known as Cathedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia and La Seu, is a sight that defies description. Steeples pierce the sky, domes arch overhead, and statues of saints are crafted with precision. Prepare to be awed as you walk through the choir, gazing at the opulent décor in browns and golds.

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The creepy and the kingly mix in the Crypt of Saint Eulàlia, with its red interior, burning torches, towering pillars, stone angels, and immense altar. This historic site is where Saint Eulàlia’s remains are kept, guarded by the holy icons surrounding the tomb. Nearby, the cloister keeps 13 white geese, which represent the martyr’s age when she died from religious persecution. The birds have their own swimming pond, surrounded by gargoyles, dragon, and frog statues.

Barcelona Cathedral is 93 metres high and 40 metres wide, is more than 700 centuries old, contains 28 side chapels, and its tallest spire is 70 metres long. Mass is held in the mornings and at 6 or 7 PM, so afternoon hours are the best time to go touring.

There was a basilica even back in 343 A.D. on the same site; however, it was ruined by the Moors under Al-Mansur. Some of its remains are in the City History Museum. A Roman cathedral has replaced the basilica, and the Capella de Santa Llucia was added as well. The cathedral as we know it now was built from 1298 until 1913.

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