Entertainment on wheels in Rome.

Creators of such luxury cars as Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it’s hardly surprising that the Italians have come up with a fun way to spend balmy evenings on wheels in their eternal city. If you’re planning on going to Rome with your partner or with a group of friends, here are a couple of options you might like to try.

The first is a ride on a ‘humble’ tram, but it’s a rather special ride, and an affordable one too. Tramjazz (www.tramjazz.com) offers a candlelit dinner, a jazz concert and a slow night-ride around town, all on one of the city’s converted historic green trams. So if you’re a jazz lover and like to wine and dine with a difference this could be for you!

Your ‘carriage’ leaves from central Porta Maggiore at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights and returns to the same point at midnight, after taking in a ride by the illuminated Colosseum. Enjoy dinner and a bottle of wine to live jazz music. Booking in advance is essential and the evening costs €65.

Alternatively, you can hire a showy, massive white limo which takes up to eight people, and do your sightseeing in luxury, drink in hand. Go to www.limuevent.it for more details.

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