Entertainment in Paris, France


Without question, Disneyland is one of the premier areas of family entertainment in Paris France.

Located just under 30 miles from Paris city centre, Disneyland is full of magical Disney characters, high octane roller coasters, fun family rides, cafes, restaurants and many more activities.

As of 01.09.2011, one day entry to the park for a single adult costs £51 while kids enter for £45 a head.

Many special offers and family package deals are offered by Disney throughout the year, however. Details of these packages can be found at offers.disneylandparis.co.uk.


Many travellers visit the French capital for its outstanding cuisine.

And no trip to Paris is complete until you have sampled some of the fresh local cuisine.

Spend an evening in the lap of luxury at Restaurant Lasserre, a double Michelin-starred restaurant within a two-minute walk of Champs Elysées Avenue.

Diners looking for a meal in 17th century splendour can visit L'Ambroisie in the Paris 4th district.

This triple Michelin-starred venue is one of Paris' most reputable and upmarket eateries.


Paris is home to one of the world's best known cultural entertainment attractions, the Louvre Museum.

Here, visitors can explore the fascinating history of France, including a cornucopia of original and breathtaking artworks that are displayed proudly on the Louvre's walls.

You can find more information on Louvre visits at Louvre.fr.

Art Galleries

Based in a former major railway station, the Musée d'Orsay is one of Paris' most visited art gallery museums.

Impressionist and post-impressionist original art works line the Musée d'Orsay walls, covering the years 1848 to 1914.

Wine Tasting

No trip to Paris is complete unless you have sampled some of the local vineyard produce.

Visit the O Chateau wine bar which holds regular tasting sessions throughout the week specially designed and coordinated for tourists.

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