Enterprise Car Hire Review

Enterprise car hire is new online company that allows you to reserve and rent cars online and pick them up at any of their centres across the UK and Ireland. Alternatively, you can visit on their centres directly and speak to an advisor about renting one of their vehicles and examine the choice available.

Ease of Use

Enterprise car hire primarily books its car hires through their online site, Enterprise.co.uk. It's possible to visit one of their centres directly and rent a car, but if you want to take a look at their fleet, rates and availability first hand you can visit their site in the first instant.

Compared to most rent a car hires, Enterprise comes up with a 7.5 out of 10 review from customers and comparison sites for ease of use of their site. The site comes complete with an instant rent a car quote tool, allowing customers who need to rent a car quickly to find a quote straight away without a hidden sales pitch. As the company also offers car rentals in Europe and the US, the site is available in a number of international languages.


Customers have rated the availability of car models and the variety 8 out 10. Currently, Enterprise car hire is said to contain the best fleet of cars available to customers, with a good number of models available at each car rental centre.

However, the website contains no search facility to check a model you would like, so you have to weave through the different available cars. Alternatively, you can call one of their centres and enquire about the type of car you require.


Enterprise car hire gives you the choice to either pick up your car or have it dropped off at your home. Although there are mixed reviews regarding pricing, contracts and customer service, the general customer service rating for Enterprise is an average of 7 out of 10, giving it a better rating than other car hire services in the UK.

However, your customer experience will depend on the type of centre you use; to contact the call centre or the main centre for a quote or advice, you can visit Enterprise.co.uk and fill out their form information on the contact page, or use their office number to call and make an enquiry.

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