Enjoy yourself on your Glasgow holiday!

There’s much to see, do, and eat on your Glasgow holiday; so take a break now, and discover Scotland’s 'city of style.'

Trams, double-deckers, and Scottish-built cars from the early 20th century get the spotlight in the Museum of Transport; where show-stealers include the Rolls-Royce Phantom Landaulette, the Chrysler Sunbeam, and the Volkswagen Beetle.

Immortalized in the Harry Potter series as a hospital for magical maladies, the real St. Mungo is actually a Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow. It showcases the 6 main religions of the world – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. Lose yourself in a deeply spiritual experience, and then reflect a bit in the Japanese Zen garden.

Loosen that belt and prepare for a feast unlike any other; Glasgow has a huge number of restaurants serving a wide variety of food. Take your pick from 16 Byres Road, Mussel Inn, and Cafe Gandolfi. Charcoals on Renfield Street serves the best curry in town; Fifi and Ally are pros at dishing out Celtic, Moroccan, and Italian fare, among others. Have some fish at any of the Two Fat Ladies' 3 branches; and gobble up some Indian grub at either of Ashoka’s 2 locations.

You might as well also loosen your purse-strings, as Glasgow is a shopper’s paradise; Merchant City, in particular, is a thrilling hodgepodge of designer boutiques, historical architecture, and a dynamic art scene.

For an even more enjoyable Glasgow holiday, visit from October to November, just in time for the month-long celebrations of Glasgay!, an annual event dedicated to queer culture. Have a dose of comedy, music, film, theatre, literature, and so much more in this festival featuring everyone from top international acts to budding local talents, all of them happy and gay as your Glasgow holiday!

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