Enjoy the Sights on Your Sydney Holiday

On the south-east coast of Australia lies Sydney, a multicultural melting pot of people from more than 180 nations. Just as diverse as its inhabitants are the sights and activities that await you on your Sydney holiday.

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Sun and fun go together on the beaches of Sydney. Explore the “jewel of the Northern beaches,” Palm Beach, where golden sand, crystal blue waters, and lush bush land meet. Less than an hour away from the Sydney Opera House, Palm Beach bustles with loads of water activities, shops, and serious sunbathing.

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Take your adventure under the sea, where certified diving instructors will accompany you on an underwater experience you won’t forget. Go windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking, or charter a flight over Palm Beach or Sydney Harbour for a bird’s eye view of the area. Blue Sky Helicopters offers fly-and-dine packages that take you on a scenic tour of the harbour then deposits you at one of four unique restaurants.

Visit the Sydney Opera House, with its easily identifiable shape designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. This World Heritage Site and Australian icon hosts numerous art performances and musical productions. The Concert Hall is home to the Sydney Symphony, while the Sydney Theatre Company regularly hosts productions at the Drama Theatre.

Cap off your Sydney holiday with a satisfying meal at the restaurants in Sydney’s central business district. Treat yourself to an “iconic dining experience” in Altitude Restaurant at The Rocks, overlooking the spectacular Sydney Harbour. Feast on contemporary Australian cuisine in a glass-encased private dining room. Other restaurants worth trying are Aria on the East Circular Quay, and La Picadelle on Pitt Street.

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