Enjoy an all inclusive Nile cruise in 2011

Egypt is a land of many wonders and sights to behold, from ancient pyramids to beautiful Red Sea resorts. A great way to explore Egypt is on a cruise. A Nile cruise is sure to be an unforgettable experience of history and relaxation, a mixture of discovery and pleasure.

To book your Nile cruises 2011 inclusive online, have a look at Kuoni.co.uk. Click on ‘Holidays’ and select ‘Cruise and Train holidays’ from the ‘Types of Holidays’ list. With Kuoni you can choose to sail on a small beautifully-crafted boat for a more intimate travel experience, or on a luxury cruise ship. Their recommended cruises are the MS Darkum Nile cruise and the MS Sun Ray Nile cruise, two 7 nights cruises on very luxurious five star ships.

Another website worth checking out if you’re looking to book a Nile cruise is FirstChoice.co.uk. They offer a fantastic cruise on ‘The Orchid’, a beautiful five star cruise ship, with prices starting from around 600GBP per person for a one week cruise next February based on All Inclusive, with return flights from London and airport transfers.

Don’t wait any longer, book your 2011 Nile cruise today and watch 5,000 years of history unfold before you on an incredible journey through ancient Egypt.

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