How To Purchase An England To France Ferry Ticket

Taking the ferry is a fun and relaxing way to cross the English Channel. It can also be the most affordable way to get from England to France, when you find the best deals. Unlike flying to France or taking the Eurostar train, travelers are able to take their car on a ferry. This saves the need to hire a car service or paying taxi fares. The best way to purchase an England to France ferry ticket is to visit a price comparison site and look for the best deals for your travel dates.

Find The Best Price

FerryCheap.com is a great site that will consider your travel dates, departure and arrival locations, and will pull the prices and specific ferry information for every ferry company that meets your needs.

There are great deals available on this site. For example, some of the cheapest fares currently listed are for a single ticket on the Dover-Dunkerque Seaways ferries from norfolkline.com, which is £23. A day trip on this same ferry line is £26 and a return ticket is £53.

Provide Travel Information To Book Your Trip

Review your available choices and click the “Book with [ferry company name] now.” Here, you will book your England to France ferry ticket according to your specific travel dates. Start by entering your departure and arrival city. Then, provide the dates and times that you want to depart, as well as your return route if you plan to purchase a return ticket. You will also be asked how many people you will be traveling with and if you will be on foot or will have a vehicle with you.

Next, you will be provided with the specific ferries that are available and meet your travel needs. Select the ferries that meet your needs. Then choose any on-board accommodations, which will add to the final cost of the ferry ticket. If you are not satisfied with the quote provided, go back and edit your choices. If you are satisfied, book the ferry tickets.

At this time you will be asked for personal information and a payment method.

Important Information About Traveling From England To France On A Ferry

There is some important information that you must know before you hop onto a ferry and travel from England to France:

  • A valid passport is required to travel between England and France.
  • You may be required to carry a health insurance card.
  • Arrive at least a half-hour before the ferry departure time.
  • You can purchase a ferry ticket at the station on the morning of your departure, but these tickets are typically more expensive and you risk the tickets being sold out.
  • Understand the policies on the ferry ticket. Different types of tickets have different rules, like being able to return on a different ferry if you miss yours.

With a little planning and these helpful hints, you will be ready to purchase an England to France ferry ticket for your next holiday or weekend break.

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