Enchanting Aitutaki: a Cook Islands Holiday Treat

Far away from the bustling cities and boisterous crowds of Cook Islands is the enchanting lagoon island, Aitutaki. Rolling hills, palm-fringed beaches, and lovely motu (small islands) characterise this picturesque lagoon, offering tranquil Cook Islands holidays.

Aitutaki is 45 minutes by air from Cook Island’s centre, Rarotonga. Both islands have almost the same size, but it is in Aitatuki where the slow and easy Polynesian lifestyle is enjoyed. 12 kilometres wide and 15 kilometres tall, it is home to about 2,000 people. Quiet villages dot the island, with Arutanga Village as the main settlement. Several facilities such as a post office, bank, supermarket, restaurant, petrol station, and a charming, white church can be found here.

Beach bums will love Ureia Village, which features a stunning beach, turquoise waters, and colourful houses. Tourists can rent outrigger canoes and budget rooms here, and enjoy activities such as fishing and swimming.

Shopping and dining by the beach are the main activities in Amuri Village. Travellers can purchase local goods in the small boutique shops and sample tempting dishes at the selection of restaurants. Various resorts are located along palm groves and the white sandy beaches. Activities range from private lagoon trips, to sailing, and hiking up the area’s highest point, Mt. Maungapu.

Ootu Point, the island’s southern tip, combines picturesque island views and a lovely beach with soft, white sand and peaceful waters. Island day cruises are available here.

Other villages offer fun activities such as snorkelling, barbecue lunches, and simply basking under the sun.

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