Embark on an epic voyage to Alaska.

If you are a tried and tested cruiser with plenty of time to spare and plenty of money to spend, this epic voyage could be for you. For the first time in almost forty years, P&O (pocruises.com) is offering a cruise to Alaska from Southampton on its four star premier luxury liner, the Arcadia. It’s the only cruise to Alaska which departs from the UK.

With a luxury spa, revamped pool, boutique cinema and fine dining courtesy of renowned UK chef Gary Rhodes, it’s easy to see why P&O is promising a trip to remember. The liner boasts decór that includes a small fortune’s worth of art works.

If Alaska sounds a little chilly, remember the old saying that it’s the journey not the destination that is important and in this case the list of ports of call is as long as your arm and includes such fabulous places as Madeira, Antigua, Acapulco, Barbados, San Francisco and many more, all designed to warm you up before you reach chillier waters. You’ll have the thrill of crossing the Panama Canal and sailing up the West Coast of America before arriving in Alaska in mid-May. The return journey allows you to visit New York and Boston before setting sail for home.

Prices start at £6,649 per person and include £250 on-board spending money. The cruise departs on April the 12th and gets back on the 23rd of June. That’s two and a half months of happy luxury sailing; time enough to find your sea legs!

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