El Barrio, Alicante

In Alicante, the revitalized old quarter of El Barrio is a place where you have to go for a round of drinks, dancing, and dating - especially during the hot summer nights in this vibrant Spanish port city.

El Barrio used to be the 'bad' part of town, but with government-funded restoration, the old quarter is now the centre for everyone to enjoy the nightlife in Alicante. Located right behind the Ayuntamiento (City Hall), and just below the massive Santa Barbara Castle, El Barrio is a maze of narrow streets and old houses, clustered with newly-built bars and nightspots. The drinking holes usually provide live music, some even specialising in jazz, all of them meeting places for fun, dancing, or conversation.

During the day, you'll enjoy the brightly-coloured houses and cheerful plazas, brought back to their former glory; the stunning architecture of the crowded, Spanish houses, and the warmth of the charming terrace cafés, will make your day as you stroll along the narrow streets for some sightseeing.

Though still a mix of old husks and newly-built attractions, El Barrio remains one of the most friendly and intimate places to spend a holiday when you’re in Alicante.

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