Two best Eiffel Tower restaurants for memorable dining

The Eiffel Tower is France’s most popular attraction that draws millions of visitors every year. In 2011, it drew seven million visitors and the numbers keep rising. As you can expect, there is no shortage of restaurants in and around the tower to cater to the need of visitors. If you are looking for memorable dining in Paris and don’t mind steep prices for an unparalleled experience, then look no further than the two best Eiffel Tower restaurants.

Le 58 Tour Eiffel

Le 58 Tour Eiffel is one of the best restaurants inside the Eiffel Tower itself. The restaurant is located 58 meters above the ground (hence its name) on the tower’s first level. Talk of a scenic and romantic dining experience like no other and you will get it at Le 58 Tour Eiffel. It offers mouthwatering traditional French cuisine, including an assortment of pastries accompanied by a wide selection of ice cream flavors and freshly baked 'vienoiseries,' not to mention unparalleled views of Paris.

· Price: Moderately expensive (Lunch from € 20; Dinner from € 76.50)

· Reservation: Online and phone booking accepted

· Phone: 33 (0)1 72 76 18 46

· Website: http://www.restaurants-toureiffel.com

Le Jules Vernes Restaurant

The second of the best Eiffel Tower restaurants is Le Jules Vernes, a one-star Michelin restaurant located on the second level of the tower. Le Jules Vernes takes fine dining a notch higher with exceptional, contemporary cuisines prepared in a traditional gastronomic French kitchen run by world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Unparalleled views of Paris make dining at the Jules Vernes extra special, not to mention extra pricey too.

· Price: Quite pricey (Lunch from 75.00 €; Dinner from €155 to €190)

· Reservation: phone or fax booking required

· Phone: 33 (0)1 45 55 61 44 Fax: Fax: 33 (0)1 47 05 29 41

· Website: http://www.lejulesverne-paris.com/

Other restaurants near the Eiffel Tower

Apart from these two Eiffel Tower restaurants, there are many other excellent (and often cheaper) restaurants and hotels near the tower. Le Malakof, for example, is a really nice, less formal restaurant near the Eiffel tower just across the street from the viewing area of Trocodero. It serves excellent food at an affordable price.

Also nearby is Café Carrette, a restaurant opened in 1972 that serves quick meal and snacks to Eiffel tower visitors. Yet another good restaurant in the vicinity you can head to is Tampopo, a Japanese restaurant that serves fresh seafood, including finger licking sushi and sashimi.

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