Top Egypt Hotels for an Exotic Holiday

Egypt hotels

If you are thinking of finally heading to Egypt to check out the pyramids and the Sphinx then you will no doubt be looking for great accomodation. We have a number of resources to help you book Egypt hotels for your trip and ensure you have a comfortable base to return to each night after your adventures are all over.

Egypt has so much to offer and as well as the wonders situated at Giza there is also the historic Nile river, the Red Sea and the temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel to be explored. Cairo is a bustling metropolis that will take you back in time and if you are just after some sun and relaxation then hit the coast to sample some of the finest beaches.

A good place to start when booking Egypt hotels is Holiday Hotels. They are a part of the Tomas Cook Group and as such they are in a fantastic position to offer the finest and most reputable hotels in Egypt.

They have a good selection and cater to every price range so whether you are a budget backpacker or a traveller intent on splashing the cash you will find accomodation to suit. Prices range from just £5 a night to £600 a night so check out www.holidayhotels.co.uk/area/egypt-hotels.aspx to see if you can find a hotel to your liking.

Another website thats has a long list of hotels in Egypt is www.booking.com. Just enter the area you wish to stay while in Egypt and you will be returned a list of suitable hotels. Once again you will find that all price ranges are available on here.

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