Finding Edinburgh to New York direct flight

Choosng an Edinburgh to New York direct flight

There are a lot of sites that offer cheap flights or flights that are direct from Edinburgh to New York. These sites can add fees in hidden ways such as insurance or transfers. Its important to look at these sites in detail before booking the trip to ensure that you are not caught out later.

Cheap Edinburgh to New York direct flight on different sites


This site offers more then just flight information, it gives a wide overview of services and attractions that can be visited whilst on holiday.

With the flights it offers the most popular direct flight first, and then users can expand it to look for flights within the area where you wish to travel. The prices that they offer are limited time offers so if a deal is the best you've found then it would be a good idea to take it, after researching your options.


This site doesn't give the option to book direct flights but it does give users the chance to look at what flights are available and what airports they are directed to.

The site is very text heavy and it can seem like an information overload. Once the destination and airports have been selected the site lists all available flights in the area and marks in bold the direct flights. Users then cut and paste the web address and book via the site directly.


As its name suggests Lastminute deals in flights that have to be booked quickly, it does reduce your options a lot because these flights are literally the last seats on planes, and as such they can be expensive or involve transfers if you can't find a direct flight within your travel window.

The site is easy to navigate and operates along the lines of a lot of these sites, ie choose the flight, airport and then find out prices. If you are in a hurry then these sites may be your only choice but it is still worth checking out other sites just in case you find a better deal.

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