Are you looking for Edinburgh to Dalaman flights?

Edinburgh to Dalaman flights

If you’re in the Scottish capital and feeling a little flat after the buzz of the Edinburgh festival came to an end, why not pick up your spirits by planning an autumn break? If it’s an exotic sun hot spot you’re looking for, Turkey is an ideal destination. Its Mediterranean coast, aka the ‘Turquoise Coast’, offers white sandy beaches and quiet coves as well as hip resorts, and Dalaman is a top favourite resort with travellers. Its airport is also a gateway to historical sites and unspoilt countryside.

You have 2 options for direct Edinburgh to Dalaman flights. Thomas Cook (thomascook.com) flies there on Thursdays and Fridays. Right now they are offering a flight to Dalaman on Thursday the 13th of October for just £46.99, departing at the reasonable time of 11.55 and arriving at 18.25 (local time). Flight time is 4 hours 25 minutes. Return on Friday the 21st of October leaving at 16.20 and getting back home at 18.55 for £238.99. Prices include all taxes and charges.

Thomson (Thomson.co.uk) also operates weekly Edinburgh to Dalaman flights direct, on Mondays. A return departing on the 24th of October at 9.05 and returning on the 31st at 16.30 comes in at £336.98 including taxes and charges and a web discount.

If you’re looking for Edinburgh to Dalaman flights direct in October, Thomas Cook seems to have the cheapest deal, but book now as there are only 3 seats left for the super cheap outward journey price.

It’s certainly worth playing around or being flexible on dates and a flight comparison website such as cheapflights.co.uk or skyscanner.net can help you find the best deal on the days you’re flying. Happy travelling!

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