Go Slovak with Edinburgh Scotland Edi to Bratislava flights

Everybody seems to have been looking for the new Prague for years. As more and more Eastern European cities are spoiled by an inundation of stag and hen parties, hop on board one of Ryanair's Edinburgh Scotland (edi) to Bratislava flights to enjoy some Slovakian charm.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) offers budget flights direct from Edinburgh to the Slovakian capital. As with all Ryanair flights, fares are at their cheapest if booked well in advance, on the less popular dates.

Your seat price will also depend on how much luggage you want to take, and whether you can secure one of the airline's promotional tax-free flights. As a rough indication, it is possible to book a one-way ticket from Edinburgh to Bratislava for £34.99 including  check-in and EU levy charges, although you will have to hunt around a little for availability.

Ryanair's Edinburgh Scotland (edi) to Bratislava flights depart at 6.55 in the morning, which might suggest a bleary-eyed embarkation, but has the advantage of giving you most of your first day in Bratislava to explore the city.

Slovakia became independent from its Czech neighbour in the charmingly-titled Velvet Divorce of 1993, and Bratislava has slowly and  gracefully been growing into its status as the capital of an EU member state.

The old town remains postcard-pretty, with the main street of Michalska offering charming coffee-shops as punctuation between the old palaces of Hungarian princes.For tips on hotels and restaurants, as well as information on festivals and cultural events, the city website www.bratislava.com is invaluable.

The tourists throng to the Primate’s Palace and its famous Hall of Mirrors, or to the castle overlooking the old town. It is said to look like an upturned bed, and it’s a fair description. It does offer amazing views from its ramparts, over 3 nations, with Slovakia's neighbours Austria to the west, and Hungary to the south.

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