Edinburgh to Orlando flights. It has never been easier!

Travelling from the cool Scottish city of Edinburgh to the sunny American holiday hot spot of Orlando seems like a pretty obscure route, but trust me, flights do exist! So if you are heading between these two destinations for work or holiday you can be assured that there are flights around! Here, we have found a few airlines the cover the Edinburgh to Orlando flight path.

A great place to start off your Edinburgh-Orlando flight search is by checking out United Airways. This is one of Americas top national airline companies and they offer several flights between Edinburgh and Orlando. And they are reasonably priced, too. Their lowest airfare in April starts from £596 depending on the dates you choose to fly.

The American company of American Airlines is another option to check out. They also cover the Edinburgh-Orlando flight route quite frequently. Their flights are a bit on the expensive side - their cheapest fare for April starts from £787 one way.

If you prefer to go local, consider flying with British Airways. This is the national carrier of the UK and these guys operate flights between Edinburgh and Orlando on a regular basis. But dont expect any significant savings, their lowest fare in April starts from £799 one way.

Please note that the airfares quoted are subject to change depending on availability. You can book all mentioned Edinburgh to Orlando flights via the airlines internet site. If you want to increase the possibility of finding cheaper flights, we suggest that you be flexible with your dates of travel and book as far in advance as possible.

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