Your guide to Edinburgh to Malaga air travel

The Costa Del Sol is still our most popular destination for some summer sun. A range of direct flights means that Edinburgh to Malaga travel remains straightforward and still relatively cheap.

Jet 2 (www.jet2.com) offers regular flights to Malaga three times a week, arriving in Spain in early evening, just as the restaurants are beginning to open for dinner. The cheapest fares we could find included a remarkable £29.99 one-way ticket, which is very difficult to beat on this popular route to Spain from Edinburgh.Their website helpfully quotes prices including all taxes and charges.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) offers daily flights to Malaga, arriving in the evening. Fares vary considerably, but there is plenty of availability around the £37.99 one way price, if you are flexible on dates. Ryanair's pricing policy decrees that you will pay extra for check-in, luggage, EU levies and credit card payment, but it is still possible to find some great deals, if you know your way around their website. Look out for the promotional fares and tax-free flights.

Most travellers head straight for the beaches and coastal resorts, but it's worth spending some time in the charming city of Malaga itself. Explore the old town's cluster of palm-shaded plazas, and drop into the excellent variety of tapas bars and sherry bodegas. Make sure you sample some of the sweet and aromatic local Malaga wine.

For information on local fiestas, cultural events and the latest hip restaurants, visit www.malagaweb.com, which can also offer information on any strikes, weather conditions or transport issues that could affect your Edinburgh to Malaga air travel.

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