Where in Edinburgh can beginners learn horse riding

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Edinburgh horse riders have plenty of options when it comes to pursuing the sport, whether beginners or seasoned riders. From the grandeur of the Scottish National Equestrian Centre to more homely local affairs, the choice of where to ride is diverse in the Lothians.

The Scottish National Equestrian Centre is located at Oatride, close to Ecclesmachan, in West Lothian approximately 15 miles to the west of Edinburgh itself. As well as being a well-appointed venue for competition events, the centre hosts riding classes at several different levels.

More details about the centre and its full range of activities, as well as telephone contact details, can be found at Snec.co.uk.

Another well-appointed venue can be found in the south of Edinburgh, close to Liberton, where the Tower Farm Riding Stables are located. This is an accessible venue for riders with limited access to a car, as it is literally a couple of minutes' walk from major bus routes.

Tower Farm offers lessons and riding sessions for a whole range of abilities, from beginner to expert, and there is also the opportunity to participate in the Common Rides which take place across the Lothians and Borders in the summer months.

Contact details and further information can be found online at Towerfarm.org.

Facilites for disabled horse lovers can be found at the Drum Riding for the Disabled Centre, a charity set-up, partially staffed by volunteers in Gilmerton. Established in 1959, the centre runs lessons all week.

Information about the centre, as well as some beautifully biographies of the horses who help 'staff' the centre can be found at Drumrda.org.uk.

Riders on the east side of the city can take advantage of the facilites offered by Lasswade Riding Centre, situated at Kevock Road in Lasswade. Just 20 minutes or so from the city centre, this centre can accomodate children from the age of two, as well as the facilities it offers for adults.

Lasswade welcomes beginners, but also caters for experienced and advanced riders. There are over 50 horses at the site, ranging from littel Shetland ponies to 17 hand 'striders' for the more experienced. There are also some friendly Jack Russell dogs at the centre, with puppies occasionally for sale.

Visitors are encouraged to go along just to see the horses and the dogs for a visit, and Lasswade also provides horses for film shoots and other events. Full details can be found at Lasswadestables.com.

The Edinburgh Equestrian Centre is a venue for riders close to Dalkeith. There are three outdoor arenas on the site as well as an indoor arena, and day and schools passes are available. Full details and contact information can be found at Edinburgh-equestrian.co.uk. That should help you with all your Edinburgh horse needs!

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