Edinburgh Holidays: New Adventures in an Old City

During the 12th century a fortified castle on top of a hill became the old town of Edinburgh. Sometime later David I built the Abbey of the Holy Rude, and Scotland’s capital city sprang up around the long road connecting the Castle to what today is Holyrood Palace. Your Edinburgh holiday meanders along mediaeval cobblestone streets that wind through rows of Georgian and Victorian structures in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, down through the Royal Mile and High Street, to Holyrood, and all the sites around and in between.

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Admire nature’s handiwork at the centuries-old Royal Botanic Garden. Founded in the 17th century to grow rare medicinal herbs, its four sections now house one of the world’s largest plants collection. Visit the National Museum of Scotland, and learn the story of Scotland, its people, and its culture. Or take the consummate virtual city tour at the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions on Castlehill, an optical show that has been fascinating visitors for over 150 years by projecting live Edinburgh scenes onto a tabletop. Avail of the Edinburgh Pass to get free access to 30 attractions, free transport, and other great value offers. Adult prices are £24 (one day), £36 (two days), and £48 (three days). Child prices are also available.

Try Edinburgh’s great eating places. The Basement on Broughton Street offers excellent value for your money, and they serve a two-course lunch for only £7.50. Kebab Mahal on Nicolson Square has earned rave reviews from budget conscious travellers for over 20 years, serving huge portions of excellent Indian food. You can bring your own wine to The Buffalo Grill on Chapel Street and enjoy the great-value steak they serve, too.

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