Edinburgh Fringe Fest Survival Essential #1 - A Decent Bloody Hotel

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I find that I need some creature comforts when I’m festing it. Whether Glasto, (no more tents!) Mardi Gras or The Edinburgh Fringe I want to arrive home (at some stage) to a clean sheeted bed, fluffy pillow and a hot shower when I want one.

But I don’t want to flog all my $$ on sleep, now do I? Because you really don’t go to The Fringe to sleep. That said though, I’ve found some of these suitable to both my needs and my budget.

Tigerlily Edinburgh's newest design-tastic hotel on style boulevard George St run by the Montpellier Group, who have the bistro Indigo and Rick's hotel nearby, which also has (much cheaper) rooms. This surprisingly large hotel sits atop the never-other-than-rammed Tigerlily bar and restaurant, the new place to go '09. Rooms are fairly fab. Top Rooms: The Georgian Suites. 33 rooms, no pets, £85+ Tigerlily,125 George Street; +44(01312255005)

Ten Hill Place only 100m from busy Nicolson St. Unlikely and surprising departure for the Royal College of Surgeons who occupy the imposing neoclassical building complex, using their building as sets to construct a new lecture hall and this unfussy, utilitarian, very modern hotel. Far superior to any mere bed box, a comfy room for the night without the frills. Café-bar, 78 rooms, no pets, £45-60 tenhillplace.com; +44 (0)131 662 2080

Smartcity Hostels is enormous and also opens on to Cowgate. £10 million made this place as hotel-like as you get without completely losing the hostel ethnicity. Self-service restaurant, extensive bar, facilities including self-catering kitchens and hordes of staying-up/out-late people. Massive number of rooms (630) round interior courtyard, varying from two to 12 occupancy. Good location and quite smart really. 630 rooms, 24 Smartcity Hostels, 50 Blackfriars Street; 0870 892 3000

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