Edinburgh Airport Parking Long Stay Information

Edinburgh airport parking long stay

Charges for Edinburgh Airport parking for long stay vehicles is broken down into two ways of charging — pay in advance and pay on the day.

Pay on the Day

''Pay on the day'' parking at Edinburgh Airport requires no booking or contact. You simply drive up to the airport's long term parking and find a pay on the day parking slot before printing out a ticket which will show your arrival date. Be sure to display your ticket prominently in the window of your car.

While you do not pay any fare for parking up front, you will have to settle up your long stay parking bill upon your departure.

When leaving the car park, provide them with the ticket you received upon arrival and settle up the fees, which are charged at £9.10 per day.

A five day stay at the Edinburgh Airport parking for long stay, for example, would cost £45.50.

Booking in Advance

You can make a considerable saving on your long stay car parking at Edinburgh Airport by booking your car parking slot in advance.

A five day stay costs £32.80 when booking in advance, for example, as opposed to the £45.50 you pay when driving up on the day without a booking.

When booking your long term parking slot, you have to provide contact and payment information as well as your car's registration number.

Terminal Transfer

The transfer from long stay car parking takes five minutes in a complimentary coach that operates every 10 minutes from before the first flight to after the last flight of the day.


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