Eco-lodges: the cool place to go

Country cottages, high mountain havens and island retreats have always been seen as an escape from the up-beat pace of town life. But the current buzz word for holiday accommodation is ‘eco-lodge’. From Costa Rica to the Himalayas you are offered the ultimate‘get-away-from-it-all’ break, while doing the ‘hip’ thing by harmonizing with nature in minimalistic surroundings.

But minimalistic does not mean basic. These lodges are often cutting edge, a far cry from the log cabin of the American movies. The 19 Anttolanhovi Art & Design lakeside eco Villas, (anttolanhovi.fi) in southeast Finland, were ‘individually designed by not one but 9 Finnish architects’, The Guardian reports. All are built from birch, stone and glass and you can choose to be right on the shore or hidden in the hills, albeit with a view of the lake. And a beautician and masseuse are provided if you need more help relaxing.

Guests must be committed however. The villas are a 2 hour 30 minute train drive from Helsinki; and although Easy Jet Fly to the capital from £46 return, starting prices for a villa which sleeps four are €690 per night.

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