Eco-camping, Gloucestershire

Even the name makes it sound like the type of place where, once you enter you may never come back. Or if you do there will be an odd lobotomy shaped scar running round the top of your head.

Then the footpath that’s made from ‘recycled glass’ makes it just too irresistible.

Thankfully though there is a saving grace, the people at Dome Garden, a new camp made up of 10 geodesic domes opening in Coleford in the Forest of Dean this April, have laid on a bar and a pizza oven.

So while all the freaks tip-toe over the recycled glass and await the next message from Halley’s Comet, you can get stuck into a few bevies and a 16inch pepperoni and double cheese pizza.

The domes also come with the standard bean bag for back-breaking hippy posing, big beds, and each dome has an en suite shower, which is heated by a log-powered boiler - so the patchouli oil brigade have no excuse.

Check out the Dome Garden website for more details.

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