Find eco holidays in scotland

Climate change is bearing down upon us quickly. More and more people are opting for holidays that are sensitive to the environamnt but still allow them to enjoy a relaxing break. Cut down on your carbon footprint by looking at options like eco holidays in Scotland, travelling by rail or road instantly cuts down on the damge your holiday will do to the environmant and staying in a specially designed eco resort will help even more.

Eco travelling doesn't have to mean staying in a tent and using a hole in the ground as a toilet, the guys behind wildatheart.com prove this is not so. Wild at Heart organises eco friendly holidays with locations across the UK. Their Scottish resort is at Forres, Morray. Visitors can choose from accommodation including luxury bell tents with real double beds, Tullochwood cabin lodges with bbq areas and a loch side location or guests can stay in the adjoining mansion that acts as a base for the whole eco resort.

Prices for a weeks stay at Wild at Heart start from as little as £400 per person for a four night nature retreat break which includes accommodation, breakfast lunch and dinner which is prepared using organic, locally sourced ingredients and vegetables directly form the resorts own kitchen garden.

Wild at Heart has a programme of breaks through out the year which are designedto make the most of the seasons in Scotland. Breaks vary from a marine and wildlife breaks to family fun breaks, food forraging breaks and 'glamping' holidays.

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