Eating in Sicily; do it, here's where

When the ex King of Italy was sent to prison recently, he famously commented, (having tasted his prison gruel) 'it's true what they say about Italy, you can eat well anywhere.' Well wiser words were never spoken, especially when it comes to grabbing a top notch bite in the Southern Italian island of Sicily. Here are a few of our favourite eateries.....

The Hellenia Yachting Hotel

This is one of those hotels where you could easily while away many years of your life doing nothing but sipping Bellinis and staring at the turquoise sea. Occasionally you might get peckish though, which is where the outrageously tasty summer barbeque comes in. Held every Friday night from June to September, this is a banquet fit for a lord. We're talking ice sculptures, giant lobsters, smoky grilled swordfish, seafood risotto, pastas with local cheeses, meat rolls stuffed with mozzarella and pine nuts, salads like you've never seen and...and....desserts - millions off - all AMAZING. Go, eat, be greedy.

Villa Paradiso

High heels and the most stylish clobber you own for this place please - it screams chic and demands style. A special buffet dinner set in the stunning Arabic themed gardens runs in the hotel every Sunday night from June to September. Food is much the same as above - seafood, risotto, pasta, meat - basically anything you could possibly want, with specialities including pistachio pesto ravioli, prawn and fennel risotto and much much more. Desserts are equally as mouthwatering, and so beautifully constructed it would almost be a travesty to eat them - almost. The hotel garden is decked out with chic white lounge sofas, tinkling skylights, palm trees and incense - but the best thing about it is that like the volcano it lies under (Etna) the whole place erupts into a disco from midnight. Beautiful Sicilians come from far and wide for the trendiest night on the island. Do not be afraid to look good.

Via Coppola

Ok it's not a hotel, but you might well try and blag a few nights there after you've tasted the pizza. Not only is it incredibly stylish - think drapey curtains billowing in the wind, huge floorlit candles surrounding tables, beautiful waiting staff etc etc, it also serves the biggest and tastiest pizza in all of Sicily. Situated in the characteristic 'old part' of Catania, the restaurant is a favourite with locals but crucially not yet with tourists on account of it being undiscovered. Until now that is. Still, fellow foodies should share, right?

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