EasyJet starts a new venture.

Easy Jet brought about a quiet revolution in European air travel just over 15 years ago when it began its no frills budget service, slashing ticket prices and making it possible for aspiring travellers to jump on a short hop flight for jaw-droppingly low prices. Having gone from strength to strength, the airline is now hoping to revolutionise the travel market by offering package holidays with flexible dates, reports the Daily Mail.

Together with online travel company Lowcosttravelgroup, Easy Jet is expanding into the tour operator market and as EasyJet Holidays, hopes to rival major established operators within three years. The company is targeting independent travellers who want to design their own itinerary but like the security of booking a package holiday. Customers will still be able to take advantage of lower flight prices on different days.

It sounds like a recipe for success. EasyJet is the UK's largest airline with a customer base of 50million and Lowcosttravelgroup is one of the top 10 online holiday companies. The two businesses will combine 540 flight routes with more than 10,000 hotels across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. EasyJet Holidays (www.holidays.easyjet.com) are confident their state-of-the-art website and call centre and the exceptional value deals thay offer will ‘take off’ in a big way. Visit their web site and snap up a deal. You can book a seven day summer holiday in Mallorca from just £119.

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