Cheap Easyjet flights to Malaga Spain

Looking for cheap flights to Malaga? If so then Easyjet flights to Malaga in Spain could be right up your street.

Easyjet prides itself on been one of the cheapest airlines to travel with throughout the whole of Europe. They have super low cost fares currently available going to Malaga so it would be wise to check these fares out before you think of booking with anyone else.

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and attracts tourist every year from all corners of the world. With great temperatures all year round of 20 degrees combined with its great beaches and nightlife making a flight to Malaga even the more appealing.Check out some of these deals available for flights from Easyjet and you will be amazed.

For an amazing price of £87 you can fly out to Malaga on the 26th of June and then fly home on the 1st of July. If these flights do not match when you want to go do not worry because with Easyjet's great service they have a whole host of other dates available.

Easyjet also have good prices on flights of you are travelling from Belfast Airport. On the 19th of June you can fly from Belfast to Malaga for another great price of £84. Again if this date is not suitable just get in contact with Easyjet and choose from one of the other dates available.

So if you have came to the conclusion that you are going to book Easyjet flights to Malaga in Spain you can do it on line at www.easyjet.com. So book your flights today and do not miss out on these great deals.


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