Get the best prices for Easyjet flights to Cyprus

The holiday season is almost upon us and that normally means one thing; finding the best value holiday for you and your family to enjoy during your summer down time. You've worked hard throughout the year and you've put enough money aside to enjoy yourself for a week in the sun, so why waste potential spending money on expensive flights?

With many people facing tighter finances than ever this year, that's a question that will be on many lips up and down the country over the coming weeks, so we're taken it upon ourselves to source the cheapest available flights from London to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the gorgeous Greek island of Cyprus.

Depending on when you are planning on departing, the price to fly to Larnaca Airport in Cyprus can vary quite a bit, so some forward planning is essential in order to get the best price.

If you're looking to get away sooner rather than later, May and June offer the best prices for the summer months. You can fly out from London Gatwick on May 18th to return on May 25th for a total of just £158.98 per passenger with Easyjet, or if you fancy a longer break you could head out on May 18th for £82.99 per person, returning on June 1st for £79.99 per person.

In June the cheapest option for a one week trip would be flying out from London Gatwick on the 9th and returning on the 15th for a total of just £158.98 per person, and for a two week trip your cheapest option is out on the 9th and back on the 23rd for just £160.98.

Things get considerably more expensive in July and August, with the cheapest return flight in July costing £236.98 and the cheapest in August costing £201.98 per person.

If you want to keep your eye out for cheap Easyjet flights to Cyprus, pop on over to www.easyjet.com and check out their listings every day. However just remember that the longer you leave it the less choice you're going to have, and the more expensive it's likely to be!

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