EasyJet destinations from Bristol

EasyJet can get you to where you want to go on your next holiday and you can catch flights from Bristol airport no matter what kind of break you are looking for. Choose from short city breaks or use the extensive EasyJet route for your summer or skiing vacation.

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EasyJet serve over 40 destinations across Europe from Bristol airport offering you the chance to experience a variety of holiday experiences.


If it is culture you are craving then you can fly EasyJet from Bristol to get your fix. Flights to iconic cultural Italian cities Rome and Pisa are available as well as cultural must sees Prague, Krakow, Geneva and Barcelona. Our top pick for a culture destination when flying from Bristol is Crete where you can explore ancient ruins and visit museums full of artefacts from ancient Greece.


There are so many sunshine destinations available from Bristol through EasyJet that it may not be that easy for you to choose. EasyJet have flights to Alicante, Bordeaux, Corfu, Faro, Madeira, Fuertaventura, Ibiza, Menorca, Tenerife and Majorca. See, it is not as easy as you think to choose a sun destination when you are so spoiled for choice.


If you are in search of something totally different that will have all your friends wishing they were you then why not take EasyJet from Bristol to Dalaman in Turkey. Dalaman offers beaches with the clearest waters and you will be able to sample some of the finest Turkish cuisine on the beach. Marrakech in Morocco is another great destination from Bristol with EasyJet. You will never be short of things to do when you arrive and you can take some time to explore stunning mosques, visit ancient tombs and check out Badii Palace, a 500 year old Sultan's palace.

Top Pick

The number one destination from Bristol via EasyJet though has to be Reykjavik in Iceland. Often thought of as a remote and hard to reach destination, EasyJet make it simple and affordable to get there. You can experience folk museums, stunning scenery in the countryside surrounding Reykjavik and a city with a buzzing nightlife. If you get the chance then be sure to visit the Volcano House where you can learn plenty about the land you are visiting.

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