Easy Rider’s take to Bhutan

Ferris Wheels is not the only company to run bike tours in Bhutan, but this small Australian outfit promises to take you ‘outside your comfort zone.’ In the frantic Indian traffic, where a cow is as likely to cross the road as a rickshaw or car, you will soon master the local art of sounding your horn at every possible opportunity.

Until that is, you pass through the ceremonial arch into Phuentsholing, Bhutan. The roads are clean and tidy, there is virtually no traffic and even the stray dogs look well fed. The only other ‘traffic’ are the young Buddhist monks and their train of packhorses. Dressed in red robes, with a near-shaven head, you’ll see them stride past in animated conversation on their mobile phones.

Ferris Wheels' Bhutan trip has been incorporated into its Shining Shangri La Safari, covering Nepal, India and Bhutan. This 25-day tour costs £4,900 including hire of an Enfield motorbike, accommodation, three meals a day, maintenance and support vehicles, plus a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Mount Everest, FerrisWheels

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