Eastern Airways for cheap comfy national flights.

When you think of bagging a cheap flight, you probably head straight for the Easy Jet or Ryanair websites, and they do indeed have a great choice of diverse destinations. But if you want to travel nationally, check out Eastern Airways (www.easternairways.com).

If you live in Southampton and want to visit Aberdeen, it could take forever by car and a fair amount of time by train, but Eastern Airways can get you there in a jiffy. There are now four flights on weekdays, including a new convenient early morning flight leaving Southampton Airport at 6.45 a.m. which allows you to hit Aberdeen just for the day, returning the same evening!

There are also departures from other UK airports for this imposing Scottish city, including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and Norwich. For example, a return flight from Bristol on the 6th of September and returning on the 12th starts at £128 for a ‘saver’ fare, with extra charges for taxes. This includes one piece of hold luggage and on board complimentary catering and bar service, which is always such a pleasure!

Check www.easternairways.com for destinations and bookings. Eastern Airlines also fly to Dijon from £75 and Norway from £96 one way.

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