Easter traditions from around the world

March 27th marks Easter Sunday, the day that some use as a reminder of the death and resurrection of Jesus, while others associate it with chocolate and treasure hunts. There is a large variety of Easter traditions that vary from country to country.


In the Czech Republic, for example, men make and whip made out of willow decorated with ribbons which they use to go around and “whip” the women they like. The willow is supposedly the first tree to bloom in the Spring and by “whipping” the woman, they tree’s vitality and fertility are transferred to the woman. The woman then gives the man a decorated egg or money as a way to say “thank you” for being interested. They next day though the women get to dump ice cold water over the men that they like.

On Easter Saturday in Cyprus before the evening service called “The Ceremony of the Resurrection”, townspeople gather in the centre and celebrate the resurrection by gathering around a huge communal bonfire. Many of the young lads enjoy getting involved in this part of the Easter celebration as the neighborhood with largest fire gets bragging rights for the year.


In Poland, one of the traditions during Easter is sculpting a lamb that is purely made out of butter. The lamb represents Jesus and is placed in a basket with other edible items such as sausage, chocolate and ham, and then is brought to the church on Holy Saturday to be blessed by the priest.

In Norway everything closes down for the entire easter week. This includes everything from schools and offices to local shops. But in the southern part of France the town becomes alive when everyone comes out and helps make a giant omelet in the main square that consists of 4,500 eggs and feeds around 1,000 people.


Scotlandand the White House both include rolling hard boiled eggs down a hill or lawn. And Germany make sure that baskets filled with toys, eggs and chocolate are hidden for the children to find on Easter Sunday. Every country has their own special traditions and history that make each place unique in its own way.


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