Easter school holidays 2011: next year Scotland offers more!

Easter school holidays: what’s on offer in Scotland

If your easter school holidays in 2011 in Scotland were memorable, next year will offer more. You might want to celebrate Easter with the kids with a city break, or you might prefer to use the school holidays to go sightseeing in the Highlands.

Which Scottish Easter school holiday breaks are recommended?

Perhaps you spend the easter school holidays in 2011 in Scotland, and are looking to repeat the experience. In Easter, the countryside is in full bloom, so this is a great time to explore Scotland’s wonderful scenery.

Edinburgh is particularly beautiful, with hundreds of rare plants on display in the world-renowned Royal Botanic Gardens (www.rbge.org.uk/), as well as interactive exhibits for your younger botanists! You can follow an exotic trail through Victorian glasshouses, taking you from tropical rainforests to deserts.

HF Holidays (www.hfholidays.co.uk/activities/easter-2012/scotland) offer walking tours of the Isle of Arran, an island lying off the west coast, barely an hour’s drive from Glasgow. There are activities to keep all the family occupied. Guided walks showcase the abundant wildlife – seals, eagles and red deer. Full breakfasts and picnics are offered each day. There are also many social activities in the evening. Prices start at £225, with bookings available for 3-7 nights over Easter.

When do the Easter School holidays in Scotland fall next year?

The next Easter holidays occur between Monday 2 April to Friday 13 April (inclusive). For further information about ideal holidays, check out Easter breaks Scotland.

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