The Meaning of Easter Eggs

Easter eggs

Easter eggs have become popularised in Western culture and all over the world with the spread of Christianity. The tradition of Easter eggs is in this activity: the Easter Bunny hides eggs and candy in a basket and when children wake up on Easter morning, they are supposed to find that egg basket filled with candy. Easter eggs are brightly painted, as the painting of eggs has become a tradition among Christians every Easter season.

The meaning of Easter eggs is closely connected to the meaning of "spring" and to the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, the Savior of Christianity.

Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be the Son of God, was crucified by the Romans on a cross only to rise from the dead three days later and ascend into Heaven with God the Father. In terms of religious importance, Jesus' resurrection and ascent to Heaven is the most important event in Christianity. Hence, Easter is an immensely important holiday to Christians all over the world. Easter eggs add a significant piece of symbolism to this celebration as the eggs are a metaphor for resurrection.

Easter eggs symbolise rebirth, resurrection and a new beginning. Because Spring is a season when everything is starting to bloom and come alive, Easter eggs represent the same. Eggs also represent new life, as new life breaks is born out of eggs.

To be more specific, even the dyed colors used have significance. Red dye is used to represent the blood shed by Jesus during his death. The shell of the egg is stated to represent the Jesus' tomb.

It is also said that Mary Magdalene and other women ate eggs while sitting around the tomb of Jesus. And while they were sitting around the grave, the eggs became blood red as Jesus rose from the dead.

It is even said that the ancient Zoroastrians painted eggs every year to celebrate the New Year, or the Spring Equinox.

For information on the technique of decorating eggs, check the following webpage: allrecipes.com/howto/easter-egg-decorating-ideas.


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