Destinations for Easter Camping Breaks

Easter is a great time of year to spend some time outdoors, watching nature come to life. Easter camping breaks are an opportunity for refreshment and renewal after a long winter. In the UK and further afield, there is a camping break to suit your style and give you an unforgettable Easter holiday.

Camping Breaks on the Isle of Wight

With a slightly milder climate than the rest of the UK, the Isle of Wight is a great place for Easter camping breaks. The island boasts an abundance of walking and cycling trails, miles of scenic coastline and beaches, and plenty of indoor activities to keep you occupied. From holiday parks complete with entertainment and activities to small, family-run campgrounds, you can choose a location with the style and services to meet your needs. Most campgrounds open from the first of April, so should be able to accommodate you during the Easter holidays.

Camping Breaks in Scotland

With breathtaking views and spring festivals celebrating everything from music and dance to whiskey, an Easter camping break in Scotland is a great option for the adventurous. A camper van doubles as transportation and sleeping quarters, and will keep you warmer at night than a tent. There are over 500 campgrounds to choose from, and you decide the itinerary: stay put for a few days while exploring the local area, or travel around the country, camping in a different place every night. Campers Scotland, campers-scotland.com, hire out camper vans and all of the gear you may need. They also supply tents, for anyone willing to brave a night sleeping outside.

Camping Breaks in Europe

The continent warms up earlier than the UK, especially in the southern countries. Let sunny days and balmy temperatures rejuvenate you over the Easter break with a camping trip in Europe. Eurocamp eurocamp.co.uk has 52 camping parks open at Easter, located across Western Europe and the Mediterranean region. All have swimming pools, kids’ clubs, entertainment and leisure activities, and seaside locations also have water sports facilities. The parks provide comfortable tents which come fully equipped with camp beds and mattresses, kitchen, barbeque and patio furniture, so all you need to do is pack some clothing and show up.

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