Easter 2014: Best hotels in the UK

What do you have planned for Easter this year? For many of us, Easter holiday is the only opportunity we get in the year to get away on a seasonal holiday break with family and friends, and we always make the most of it. Check out these three Easter 2014 best hotels UK ideas you can get away for a fantastic holiday this year.

1. Maison Talbooth Hotel, Essex

The Maison Talbooth Hotel is perhaps the best country house luxury boutique hotel and restaurant in Essex, within easy striking distance of London. The hotel is situated on Stratford Road overlooking the picturesque Constable Dedham Vale where Constable painted many of his famous masterpieces, including the Haywain.

The hotel offers a relaxing atmosphere with magnificent views of the Vale and beautiful landscaped grounds. There are 12 excellent suites with super-comfy king size beds, complimentary mini-bars stocked with all varieties of soft drinks and reliable Wi-Fi to ensure your Easter stay is perfect.

Address: Maison Talbooth, Stratford Rd, Dedham, Colchester, Essex CO7 6HN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1206 322367

Hotel class: 3 stars

Easter Breaks are available from £115.00 per person.

2. Deeside Inn Hotel, Ballater

The Deeside Inn is another one of the Easter 2014 best hotels UK ideas that will likely not disappoint. The hotel was redesigned to create additional space in its 55 rooms and refurbished in the public areas to upgrade it to world class traditional inn standards.

Although now a top quality inn with modern designs, Deeside Inn still maintains many of its period characteristics, including wooden beamed ceiling, wooden paneling and Queen Victoria’s famous wooden toilet. This is certainly a great place to stay for a relaxing Easter in a scenic part of the Grampian Highlands.

Address: 13-15 Victoria Rd, Ballater AB35 5RA

Phone: +44 1339 755413

Hotel class: 3 star, 8.0/10 guest rating.

Easter Breaks are available from £114.00 per person.

3. Golf View Hotel & Spa, Nairn

Closing our round up of Easter 2014 best hotels UK this year is the Golf View Hotel & Spa. Thi lovely hotel offers magnificent views over the Moray Firth to the Black Isle and beautiful gardens leading down to the seashore to match for a truly relaxing Easter break.

The hotel has 42 bedrooms all of which are sea-facing, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible and get true value for your money. Leisure facilities are thrown in there just for good measure, including an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, gym, tennis courts and a Sonas spa.

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