East Midlands Paphos airfares: A sun holiday for less

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Unfortunately the majority of us do not have a stack of cash lying around so when you save up for a well-earned break you want to know youare getting the best deal possible. With East Midlands Paphos airfares you will be sure to pick up incredible value to enjoy some much needed sunshine.

If you do not fancy spending a summer under the rainy British sky, East Midlands Paphos airfares provide an affordable alternative to more exotic climes.  Paphos in Cyprus is renowned for its excellent beaches and jaw dropping scenery. With discount flights you can take it all in on a holiday that might cost twice the price with another carrier. For example you can get a return flight from Nottingham to Paphos if you depart on August 17th for £206 including taxes. For a a quick last minute holiday it is the best value available.

Holidays are the one time of the year you get to let your hair down, but you want to avoid a crippling credit card bill on your return. If you want to satisfy your need for sun, rest and relaxation and still keep your wallet happy then look into with East Midlands Paphos airfares. They offer the best value for people looking for a quick escape. Even during the peak times between July 13-August 31 you can get a return flight for as little as £156. Keep your eye on websites such as www.cheapflights.co.uk for great deals daily.

With East Midlands Paphos airfares you know you are in safehand. East Midlands have a stellar reputation of fine service, and now they arebringing you a great price when you need it most. Taxes and surcharges are usually what hits the consumer the most with air travel, but East Midlands have kept this in mind when setting the air fare for their flights to paphos. Everybody deserves a bit of a summer break so this is the ideal opportunity foryou to take yours. Check out East Midlands Paphos airfares for unbeatable value for holidays this summer.

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